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Wiarton Kids Den Program Statement

How will Wiarton Kid’s Den ensure that we are meeting the needs and expectations of our children, the community, our staff and the ministry, in order to create the best childcare practice possible?

We demonstrate our beliefs that children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential by:

Creating rich environments and experiences that allow for choice, independence help act as catalysts to spark children’s imagination. Educators are responsible for offering a variety of ideas, materials, concepts, skills and experiences to widen the child’s knowledge of life experiences. Observing the children and using the information to plan and create positive learning environments that are based on the interests of the children.

We support the health, safety, nutrition and well-being of our children by:

Each child will experience indoor and at least two hours of outdoor play (weather permitting) daily, as well as a time for rest and sleep (if needed), quiet and active times, always being mindful of each child’s needs and parental direction. All staff are kept up to date in First Aid and CPR as monitored by the Supervisor. We develop and post menus for meals and snack that are nutritious and appealing for children. Our menus incorporate the Canada Food Guide and The Canada Food Guide: First Nation, Inuit and Metis, and are culturally sensitive. We accommodate dietary and/ or religious food requirements. Information is posted outside our program rooms, on our Parent Communication Boards, and other designated areas throughout the centre and is provided in the Parent Handbook.

We forster relationships among children, families, staff and community partners by:

Providing opportunities in the form of staff meetings, grants, and professional development days to encourage educators to engage in continued learning and reflective practice. Having staff maintain a climate of trust, honesty and respect, and work collaboratively to provide a safe, healthy and inviting environment for children and their families.

We encourage and support parent engagement and communication by:

Regular and ongoing communication with parents and with community members in person, by phone, and using online communication tools and software. Communication with the community (including parents) through news articles, written newsletters, posted notices and displays. We have ongoing display wall to post Wiarton Kid’s Den Values and Program Plans.

We seek out involvement with community partners by:

Directing parents to outside resources (as needed) as well as community partners such as Ontario Early Years Services, speech therapists, support services, occupational therapist, counselors, etc. In order to ensure that children are receiving all of the support necessary. By visiting and inviting community groups and organizations to interact with the children (such as visits to the grocery store, the park, the retirement home).

We promote positive self-expression, communication and self-regulation by:

Encouraging staff members to allow children time and opportunities to express themselves in their ways and according to their own needs and abilities. By encouraging children to be active participants in problem solving and conflict resolution. By promoting empathy and kind communication through modelling and guided practice. Staff with provide the experiences, support and encouragement that will help young children learn to self-regulate, which is a crucial component to social interactions and activities.

We document and review the impact of our learning program by:

All staff, students, and volunteers read and sign off in the policy and procedures sign off binder prior to employment or prior to interacting with children, and when the statement has been modified and on an annual basis. The Supervisor with review all sign offs by staff, students and volunteers and sign the review sheet to indicate that the process has been completed. The Supervisor must be confident that the staff, students and volunteers are fully aware and understand the Program Statement and its implementation. All Early Childhood Educators have made a commitment to abide by the standards of their professional as set out in the College of Early Childhood Educators Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. All Registered Early Childhood Educators hold themselves accountable, and will use the Code of Ethics, the Standards of Practice and the CCEYA to guide their decisions and practice. The Supervisor will meet on a regular basis with each RECE to establish understanding of the Program Statement and to support staff in their delivery of the Program Statement, to aid the staff in Self-reflection, and to be recorded and added to the binder. The Supervisor will view each staff as competent and able, and give them time to be heard and respected, and to reflect on their own performance and their contribution to the environment and the development of all children in their care. The Supervisor will use all observations, interactions and conversations to monitor all staff. The Program Statement is a living document and will be reviewed by the Supervisor regularly to ensure goals are being met.

We support our staff in continuous professional learning by:

Program Statement Key points will be reviewed at each staff team meeting as a part of the weekly update to the “ Programing Statement Wall”. Wiarton Kids Den Staff will reflect on How Does Learning Happen? , as a part of all designated planning time and as the core of all programing decisions and interactions with students, parents and community members. Wiarton Kids Den staff will maintain professional relationships that encourage growth and offer support and mentorship, including annual staff evaluations by the Supervisor that foster self-reflection and professional growth. The Supervisor and assistant supervisor will mentor and co-teach with RECE’s as a part of the programming supervisor’s role, this includes working one on one with staff and children to help support programming initiatives.The Supervisor with the support and direction of the board will engage in education initiative on an annual basis, including parents nights, displays, frequent “Did You Know” emails. As part of the Registered Early Childhood Education registration process, staff are enrolled in 3 or more sessions per year, through the Quality Assurance Child Care Committee. Wiarton Kids Den staff have the option of applying for funding from the Board to attend Professional Development. Wiarton Kids Den staff who are involved in Professional Development Sessions are required to share their learning at the following staff meeting

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